Tuesday, January 11, 2011

509 Artspace Studios


The 509ArtSpace Studios are a group of studios spaces on the second floor of Building ‘C’ at Clearwater West at 3311 W. Clearwater Ave. in Kennewick, WA. The building is old and not in the best shape, but the space is ideal for starving artists who don’t have a place to work where it’s warm in winter, cool in summer and where you can enjoy the company of other artists any time of the night or day in your own separate space.

All of the studios are priced depending on their size – so the higher the price, the larger the space. The Studio Lease is month to month, so there is no long term commitment but a 30 day notice to vacate is very much appreciated! The rent includes all utilities and there is insurance that covers the building but you will need to buy Personal Property insurance if you want your personal items covered.
A Deposit equal to your month’s rent is due upon signing a Lease plus there is a deposit on the front door key ($25) and your space key ($25) which you will get back upon returning everything in a condition that is equal to how you got it (and just returning the keys gets both key deposits back).

There are 2 rest rooms – men’s and women’s – but there is no cleaning or paper supplies included in the lease. It is suggested that all artists participate in keeping the rest rooms cleaned and stocked according to your needs! If you have any questions concerning leasing or maintenance of the space, please call Flynn Thurston at 528-1028. THANK YOU and have fun doing whatever it is you do!

Here is a full list of the Studio spaces and their monthly rental amounts:
A - $100 I - $125
B - $210 J - $125
C - $110 K - Rented
D – Rented L - Rented
E - $100 M - $100
F - $100 N - $100
G - $150 O - Rented
H - $400 P - $185